Diving in Cuba and enjoying a photography trip

Diving in Cuba

Cuba, the largest island in the Caribbean, offers incredible sites for lovers of coral, cenotes, fish and diving in general. Diving in Cuba is done in an unforgettable way, combining the warmth of the Cuban people with its warm ocean that surrounds the archipelago. There are different reefs few explored and undisturbed around the island, providing a unique experience.

Cuba is the home of the second largest reef in the world behind the Great Australian Barrier Reef and what & #8217; s more, diving in Cuba has long descents, what promises memorable and unforgettable dives.

The average visibility in the water is 30 & #8211; 40 meters, which makes it possible to easily detect any type of marine species.

Dive centers in Cuba

From Havana to the most exotic keys, the island of Cuba has approximately 4,200 islets and keys, also, varied diving centers throughout the country. The tropical climate and an average water temperature of 26 degrees make it more than adequate to dive at any time of the year with lycra or suits of only three millimeters thick.

The underwater features increase its attractions: the edge of the marine platform is surrounded by coral reefs where you can find countless tropical fish and crustaceans, sponges, and starfish, as well as different types of turtles and mammals such as the manatee or the cow marine , in danger of extinction.

Traveling and diving in Cuba is one of the activities that you should not miss, Cuba has many diving centers with very good quality, information that can be consulted on TripAdvisor. In this post, we will tell you about a Diving Center located in Havana, where he makes expeditions on the northern coast of Havana and in the Bay of Pigs. Cuba Blue Diving (CBD) is one of the youngest dive centers on the island, but with a lot of experience under the sea. It is made up of young people of the millennial generation.

Know about the different dive sites that Cuba Blue Diving offers in its website space. Este dive center in Havana has prices from $50 per person per dive for groups including transportation from the lodge to the dive site and return. It has a range of different prices that can be adapted to your needs, in which they are always open to proposals, suggestions.

Diving and underwater photography travel

Este diving center do the activity of snorkeling in addition to the dives that it makes. Snorkeling is a fairly simple activity for those who do not dare to dive, but it is still interesting, because Cuba has transparent and crystal clear waters with perfect conditions. We recommend reading the Snorkeling section in Cuba with Cuba Blue Diving for details.

If you have not yet decided to dive in Cuba or anywhere in the world for fear of something or certain comments, we recommend reading: 3 premeditated ideas of diving, an article written in Spanish. In addition, you can see a small gallery of images provided by Cuba Blue Diving.

Live a unique diving and underwater photography trip with Cuba Blue Diving in Cuba.

Dive with our team into the Caribbean sea to discover the hidden coral reef ecosystem at Havana, Puerto Escondido beach, and other diving sites.

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