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Our center of aquatic and terrestrial activities "CUBA BLUE DIVING" has been born to stay in the hearts of all, giving the best of our experiences in unforgettable vacations for our clients. We have different adventures in the Western region of Cuba (Western Cuba), within all, our strength is diving. Diving in Cuba has many charms and many emotions, it is pure adrenaline increased to the beauty of the seabed. Both diving and snorkeling that we do, are intended for those who are more professional and for those who want to start in this world. On the other hand, we have joined "SKALAN2 IN HAVANA" in which he is dedicated to the world of climbing. Therefore, we help our clients so that they can have a more satisfactory experience on their visit to Cuba. For this reason, on our website we help you learn a little more about the crazy adventures you can do in Cuba. We also provide extra accommodation, travel and we have a beautiful blog that we would like you to tell us about. Remember that the greatest happiness is in traveling.

Diving and snorkeling

With a professional team of more than 5500 dives, we paint the sea in colors so you can enjoy the marine beauty.
All at the best price 😍

Climbing in Havana

Team prepared for any situation, for any experience, for the greatest adrenaline you can imagine. And so you can enjoy more, we show you Havana from another point of view 😉

Transport service

Select the place and we will take you with the necessary conditions. 😎

Situación Covid-19 en Cuba

Mantente informado de las medidas adoptadas por el gobierno cubano acerca de la nueva situación pandémica. Durante todo este tiempo, nosotros como negocio nos hemos visto afectados para realizar los buceos que normalmente realizamos. Manténgase informado mediante nuestras redes sociales para mayor información.

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Transportation with Cuba Blue Diving

Ahora seleccionas el destino y nosotros te llevamos, sin la necesidad de bucear o realizar alguna actividad con nosotros. Simplemente, ahora te damos la opción de poder conocer la island of Cuba. con coches de todos los estilos, coches del 50 hasta coches modernos.

Siempre pensando la mejor opción para que puedas sentirte cómodo en nuestro país y tener una buena experiencia. No olvides de revisar nuestra galería para que puedas observar un poco más acerca del buceo en La Habana.

Dive in Cuba

The buceadores profesionales o no, tanto aquellos que lo practican de vez en cuando o como los que nunca han sido alentados y quieren dar los primeros pasos en el mundo del buceo, encontrarán en Cuba un gran lugar para desatar esta actividad emocionante. Experimentar la respiración bajo el mar, sentir el silencio y el cambio de color a medida que te sumerges en las profundidades

¿Es impresionante o no? ¿Has buceado alguna vez?

Get exciting diving in Cuba , because amazing and magnificent places you can find in the largest of the Caribbean Antilles. Our team, Cuba Blue Diving , offers you the best services, counting professionalism, sympathy and knowledge so you can do a diving in Havana and around the western region of the country with everything special that each client deserves. You can obtain a range of diving packages selected by the center, but in addition to those, you can do a personalization contacting us .

Offers of diving packages

Selecciona el mejor paquete de buceo que se adapte a tus necesidades, te la libertad de escoger y personalizar, en caso de no encontrar algo que desee, puede contactarnos para poder ayudarle con mayor información. Pincha en Watersports y encontrarás el enlace de los diving packages.

Link: Diving packages in Cuba

Si eres de los que ha llegado a esta web por una promoción especial ya sea por nosotros o por alguno de nuestros embajadores, pues desvía tus aletas y ve directo a Reserva mediante promociones.

Climb in Cuba

Apúntate a la escalada en La Habana que te ofrecemos que tiene pura adrenalina con acción, límites físicos, mentales y hace crear confianza en uno mismo. ¡Anímate! Suma una nueva experiencia a tu vida sólo o con tus amigos. Ahora, en colaboración con Skalan2 en Havana We offer you the opportunity to enjoy rock climbing, in a green area in the middle of the city of Havana.

Oferta de escalada en La Habana

Select the offer for to climb que te brindamos para que puedas compartir sólo o en compañía con tus amigos. Así puedes conocer La Habana a través de nuestras rocas.

Link: Offer of climb

See and feel for yourself or tell you about it?

Sedative as the drug but amazing as the adrenaline Have you not dived yet? Haven't you climbed yet? Write us so you can feel it 😉

Weather in Cuba

New! On our website you can see the weather of the Western region for that you can be aware of the weather for the dives. Click on meteorology and navigate.

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For us the opinion of our clients is very important, we listen and we value all your comments.
Anónimo fb


USA - 5 *

"We had a great day diving with Anthony Saldenas! I would definitely dive with him again if I get back to Cuba"

Lisi Chávez


Cuba - 5 *

"The instructors have great experience in their work ... I recommend it TP% ... very good people besides ... 👌👌"

John adria


Canada - 5 *

"Tony took my son and I on three dives. Tony is very knowledgeable and safety conscious. We used their equipment which was in great shape and well maintained."

Andrea Ward fb


USA - 5 *

After our first scheduled dive, which was an amazing location with a shipwreck, my husband ate something that gave him allergic reaction and Tony and his cab driver were great in helping get my husband to a hospital for some medicine. He was able to translate for us when needed because his English was wonderful and our Spanish was not so good.

Javi Bece fb


Switzerland - 5 *

"Excellent service. It has been my first experience. Wonderful. Antony was super didactic with me. He was aware of me at all times, and the places where we were were very beautiful. I recommend it."

perfil de Cuba Blue Diving

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Curiosidades del buceo

Todas las actividades suelen tener datos curiosos. En este post aprenderás sobre algunos usos, señas, inventos y más curiosidades del buceo.

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We are a team of people passionate about diving, climbing and the whole natural world, whose goal is to make the people of our country and the rest of the world know our marine and terrestrial beauty. As a center, we were born as divers but we love nature so much that we feel the need to expand to other worlds. Our Extreme Sports Center is located in Havana and is available for all those who want to learn or already have previous experience in any activity we do. At the moment we offer diving and rock climbing services in both Havana and surroundings. However, we have unforgettable experiences and give our clients the opportunity to enjoy travel packages. Surf the web and you will find a lot of fun and a lot of adrenaline!

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