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Dive in Cuba

The diving in Cuba has become with the passing of the years in one of the most attractive activities for tourism on our island. The new technological advances nowadays allow a greater comfort, security and the ease of acquiring underwater skills too much faster.

In addition, Cuba, is surrounded by the incredible and warm Atlantic waters to the north, the Caribbean Sea to the south and the Gulf of Mexico to west.

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Marine territorial extension

The island has an area of 1250km, 700 kilometers of coastline, 4200 cays and islets, 200 bays. In addition, it has more than 1500 registered marine species, 200 species of sponges, 50 types of corals and numerous banks of endemic species. Therefore, it has more than 30 diving centers scattered throughout the archipelago.

It has only two defined seasons, dry season from November to April, and the rainy season from May to October. The air temperature fluctuates between 26 ° C and 32 ° C during the year.
Our waters lack strong currents and are characterized by their warmth and high visibility, around 30 meters.

Therefore, the priority of the Cuban state is the defense of its coastline and its waters, so much effort is made to avoid overfishing and pollution. Therefore, those who do not comply with the measures and laws that protect the marine ecosystem are fined. Thanks to this protective veil of the law, coral gardens are in perfect condition and marine life follows a natural course.

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Our Dive Center ubicated in Havana, conformed by specialists, photographers and marine biologists, it offers outings for the main diving points in the west of the island.

The most visited dive sites are: El Salado Beach, Giron Beach, Punta Perdiz, Long Beach, Puerto Escondido, 1st and 16th Beach, Santa Fe beach.

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