Diving in Bay of Pigs

Diving in Bay of Pigs from the capital of CubaHavana. About 220 km away from the capital, south of the province of Matanzas. Bay of Pigs (Bahía de Cochinos, original name in spanish) is a key location located in the Natural Park of Zapata Swamp (Parque Natural de la Ciénaga de Zapata, original name in spanish), declared by Unesco in 2001 "Reserve of the Biosphere". Besides being a prominent place in the history of Cuba, it is one of the wonders for diving lovers on the island.

In this place we have more than twelve dive sites, among the most outstanding: The Fish Cave, The tank, Punta Perdiz, Caleta Buena and Los Cocos, The Tank.

The name of the bay derives, according to the popular legend, of the existence of great amount of jíbaros animal in the territory before the arrival of the civilization.

Here a part of beauty is not seen at first, because it is hidden, or rather, submerged. Half on land, half on water: the complete experience is amphibious. One of the most attractive sites is the crocodile farm, a natural reservoir of a species that does not go unnoticed by anyone: either you love it or you fear it. The photo with the small crocodile hooked on your neck is a must!

It is currently one of the ideal places for diving and snorkeling; Because the area is composed of beautiful beaches, among which Giron Beach and Long Beach. Its transparent waters hide coral formations inside with caverns that extend from one beach to another, less than 50 meters from the shore, and harbor a rich marine life. You can also discover shipwrecks and other marine secrets in the funds.

In Bay of Pigs an infinite sense of peace is perceived. It is true that the access to here can be complex, although this has its advantage: you will be far from large groups of tourists concentrated in other destinations. 

As previously mentioned, part of the beauty is submerged, so we want to share small moments of our dives in that region.

Our dive center Cuba Blue Diving, has some dive offers in different points of dive in Bay of Pigs But if you are one of those who travel in small groups and would like to know more about a dive site in this beautiful place, we have special offers of lodging, food, transport and diving in different points.

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