Jordan聽It adds to the trend of using disused transport to promote underwater tourism, and incidentally, help regenerate the ocean biodiversity. At Red Sea 19 military vehicles and tanks have sunk to promote the arrival of divers. Everything has been prepared so you can dive between helicopters and military tanks.

The transparent waters of this sea and its abundant aquatic biodiversity make it one of the mecca for diving enthusiasts.

But do you already know where Jordan is? Well, Jordan, officially Hashemite Kingdom of Jordan It is a country located in the Middle East of Asia, bordering north with Syria, northeast with Iraq and east and south with the kingdom of Saudi Arabia.

The graveyard for diving between helicopters and tanks

To take advantage of this natural resource the Aqaba Special Economic Zone Authority He organized the sinking of several tanks, a helicopters, anti-air guns, an ambulance and vehicles for the transport of troops.

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Sunken plane in the largest underwater park in the world

Each of these artifacts, as in each theme park, was stripped of materials that could be polluting for the marine ecosystem, and now it's a matter of letting nature do its job.

Helic贸ptero AH-1 Cobra

As a note, you can know that, shortly after placing a vehicle on the seabed it begins to be populated by marine fauna and thus beautifies the relics more.

Therefore, on these occasions the sunken elements begin to be populated by corals, mollusks, anemones and other organisms that attract fish and other predators. Everything is created so that you can dive between helicopters and tanks. Generating a biodiversity pole that magnetizes the divers who reach this corner of the Middle East.

The purpose of these theme parks is to promote more and more dives and what better if done with vehicles or other artifact that has been used by humans.聽

For diving enthusiasts: 4 navy ships sunk for the public

Tanks 28 meters deep

The military vehicles found in this theme park were donated by the Jordanian army, which were deposited in the seabed at 28 meters deep. The transfer and sinking work lasted seven days.

Despite the distance to the surface, the waters are clear enough to have a good view and explore the helicopters and tanks They lie in silence.

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Beautiful! true?

However, to get to these vehicles you must have the certificate that authorizes diving at that depth.

The project seeks to have 鈥渁 new and different museum experience,鈥 where visitors can experience 鈥渢he interaction between sports, ecology and tourism,鈥 said the Jordanian agency.

Bucear entre helic贸pteros y tanques

The fashion of underwater museums

The underwater museums they replicate in Lanzarote, Cancun or the Great Barrier Reef, where various sculptures have been deposited at the bottom of the sea and became the home of thousands of corals, fish and other species.

In Bahrain the government sank a Boeing 737 as the main piece of a 10-hectare underwater theme park, promoted as the largest in the world.

In recent months in Bahrain and Turkey large airplanes have sunk to attract divers

The initiative is similar to that of Airbus A330 sunk in a controlled manner in the Saros Bay, north of the Aegean Sea, off the coast of Turkey. In this case the idea is to accompany the plane with vehicles and other elements used in the Battle of Gallipoli (also called of the Dardanelles) in the First World War.

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Veh铆culo militar hundido para bucear

And as in each blog of us, we encourage you to experience the world of diving, being a sport with many healthy benefits. And if you have not yet experienced it, it is not too late for the first time and what better to do the baptism of diving with us in the capital of Cuba, in Havana. Do not hesitate to get in contact us For any questions, suggestions or concerns.


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