Dive in Cuba

Diving in Cuba is done in an unforgettable way, combining the warmth of the Cuban people with its warm ocean that surrounds the archipelago. There are different reefs few explored and undisturbed around the island, providing a unique experience.

Tanque de Buceo

Physical benefits of diving

Diving brings us a good amount of physical benefits that we want to review. For many people, diving is not considered a sport, they simply see it as a hobby. It is true that it has part of hobby, but it is also essential to have a good physical form to be able to resist underwater.

Scuba diving in Havana

3 premeditated diving ideas

There are certain premeditated ideas about scuba diving that are usually mostly in those people who have not yet dared to experience this activity. Therefore, we want to clarify 3 preconceived ideas that will help you convince your best friend that it is time to experience diving or to assure your mother that it is not the “madness” of sport that is thought to be.


Diving and breathing underwater

Breathing is going to be more than important to perform successfully in diving. Therefore, knowing how to breathe while doing any dive is of utmost relevance. Scuba divers breathe underwater, breathing air at the pressure corresponding to the depth we are in. But when going up you have to let that air out.