Dive in Puerto Escondido

Dive in Puerto Escondido, is to make an immersion in a beautiful beach located in the rural area of the province of Mayabeque, in Cuba. Its beautiful white sands are cradled on one side by the cliffs, which rise tens of meters and house an exuberant flora, and on the other side by the warm and crystalline ocean.

Playa de Puerto Escondido

The sea is the main attraction, with clear and shallow waters, full of marine life. There are coral beds, underwater caves and tropical fish. Puerto Escondido occupies a prominent place in the list of professional divers and fans.

Hermoso paisaje en Puerto Escondido

Features of site:

  • Approximate distance from capital: 70 km
  • Max deep: 12 meters
  • Dive type: Coral Reef
  • Average visibility: 25 meters

Buceo en Puerto Escondido

Fundamentally you should try to enjoy the wonders and the experience of this place, making the breathing be a natural activity. If you are still not convinced or afraid of how to do the breathing, you can get more information at: Diving and breathing underwater.

Our dive center Cuba Blue Diving it goes very often to dive in Puerto Escondido, because it is an impressive place for its beauty and with so little depth you can see beautiful corals, fish, anemones and other marine varieties. 

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