Diving in Salado Beach

This beach received its name due to salt concentration levels in its waters, which is probably one of the saltiest beaches you can find in Cuba, due to the natural conditions of the coast in your area.

Located west of the city of Havana, in an area called Baracoa, it is a small beach and very popular with local residents during the summer. A very cozy beach for family plan, which makes it a bit difficult to dive during the summer, July and August, due to the agglomeration of neighbors in the area. The rest of the year, it is perfect to know your level of salt under the sea.

Features of site:

Approximate distance from Havana: 25 Km
Max deep: 18 meters
Dive type: coral reef
Average visibility: 25 meters

Buceo en Playa Salado / Dive in Playa Salado

The Cuba Blue Diving diving team makes a beautiful dive on this beach, mainly outside the summer time for Cuba, due to the number of people who are grouped in that warm and salty beach at that stage.

Each client retires from this beach with an incredible experience and a different flavor to the different beaches. You can know the price of dives that fit this place with our dive center.

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