Price of climbing in Havana

Detail information of experience

Then you can learn about the details of this unforgettable experience. First of all, you should know that the climb lasts approximately 3 hours and could reach a maximum of 10 people. Before climbing, a preparation is made explaining where they are and what they are going to do.

Within the explanation, it is commented how the equipment should be used to ensure safety. Once this first phase is completed, a physical warm-up is carried out, important for the activity to be performed. 

The instructors demonstrate how to climb and then, little by little, the client is carrying out the experience. In the rock, there are different ways to climb, you always start with the easiest, unless the client is a little more experienced and can demonstrate it before. In the event that the client is able to reach the top easier than it is 12 meters high, it would be placed on roads or routes with greater degrees of difficulty.

In climbing, the degrees of difficulty are called with numbers and letters 5a, 5b, 6c, 7a to level 9. The wall that is scaled has a level from 5a to 8a. To climb a level 5a it is not necessary to be in full physical form you just have to trust yourself and not fear falling. You will always be insured with equipment of the best climbing brands worldwide.

foto espectacular de escalada en Cuba

Climbing in Havana, Cuba

In the event that the client can not continue climbing I can let go without any fear, because it will be hung in the same place so it will not suffer from any blow since it will be secured with the “top rope” climbing system. The wall where the scaling is done is equipped with all conditions to withstand 2 tons (2000 kilograms) of impact. You will enjoy the wonderful feeling of ascent and descent.

To refresh, they include a cold soda or juice, where you can enjoy a good mango juice or natural guava so you can enjoy relaxed while eating a snack bread with sucker, typical of Cuba.

Enjoy of a great experience for just $35 by person. For any question, do not doubt in contact us.

$ 35
By person

Package include

  • Special equipment for the climb
  • Personalized service of an experienced instructor
  • Previous training, characteristics of the climb site
  • Refreshing drink and bread with sucker (typical bread of Cuba)


  • Bring a camera for more experience
  • Wear comfortable clothes.
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