Climb in Cuba in Havana City

Escalada en La Habana, Cuba

Cuba Blue Diving, a leading center in Cuba as a Diving Center has expanded so that its clients venture into new extreme sports. Next to Skalan2 in Havana wants to make the experience of knowing Cuba in an extreme way reach the public Climbing in Havana. Activity designed so much for the one who has never scaled up As for the most experienced. The goal is that everyone interested in climb in Cuba, you can do it on any visit to the island, combining climbing with diving.

Experience of climb in Havana

With Skating in Havana You will live a shocking climb nothing to do with the typical climbs that are usually done in any artificial site created by man. With the adventure that is carried out there is a lot of action where physical, mental limits are tested and self confidence is experienced. When climbing in Havana the blood of pure adrenaline is filled where an unforgettable experience is shared, destined for the adventurous people. What is enjoyed is the integration of man with nature; a primitive acitvity with the safety of the latest technology equipment.

Escalar en La Habana
Escalar en Cuba

But, what is climb?

Climbing or scaling, is a sports practice that, in its classical form, consists of climbing or crossing rock walls, steep slopes or other natural reliefs characterized by its verticality, using almost completely recoverable assurance means and the possibility in its progression of using artificial means.

The sport climbing seeks the maximum difficulty of movements for what it requires, on the part of the climber, an intense previous preparation. On the natural terrain "roads" that mark the path of ascension "open".

In climbing, the difficulty of a track is marked by the combination of several factors: the inclination of the wall, the size and shape of the grips, the distance between them, the resting points and the total number of movements.

Source taken by: FEDME (Spanish Federation of Mountain and Climbing Sports)

Climbing in Cuba

Cheer up! Experience and add a new experience to your life alone or with your friends. In cooperation, Cuba Blue Diving and Skalan2 in Havana, we offer you the opportunity to enjoy rock climbing, in a green area in the middle of the city of Havana. What better plan for when you're on vacation in the beautiful island of Cuba., to enjoy a good adrenaline experience.

Skalan2 in Havana, is a young team that has more than 5 years of experience in sport climbing. Opportunity for those who like extreme sports and contact with nature, is a mental and physical improvement and especially the experience and fun.