The secret of happiness is not to marry or have a child, but to travel

A Booking study reflects that the experience lived before and during a trip is much more pleasant than any other material thing, as he tells us The vanguard It is a writing.

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On the day of the wedding, having a child or getting engaged are undoubtedly some of the most important moments in a person's life. However, a study prepared by Booking reveals that for a large number of men and women there are something that has made them even happier, and this something is traveling.

Whether in a bed and breakfast, in a five-star hotel, in an exotic destination or on an adventure with the backpack in tow, the experience lived before and during the trip It is, according to the results, much more pleasant than any other material thing.

The pleasure of traveling

The survey carried out at the end of last year, in which 17,000 individuals from 17 countries around the world participated, including Spain, yields at least some surprising data. For many of these people, plan and enjoy a trip it has become something else transcendental for your happiness that some of the most vital moments of its existence.

And for the 49% of those interviewed, the emotional impact of a trip it is or has been stronger than your wedding day; for 51%, more than an appointment with your partner; for half, to get a new job; for the 45% to be promised, and a 29% considers the travel experience superior to having a child.

For the 49% respondents, the emotional impact of a trip is or has been stronger than their wedding day

The illusion begins with planning

Beyond vital experiences, the study also highlights that traveling provides much more lasting happiness than any other material thing, as confessed by 70% of those consulted. This justifies that more than half prioritize the vacations to the purchase of jewels or technological gadgets and almost 50% prefers them to the investment in domestic reforms.

The illusion to travel is maintained throughout all phases: in planning, booking and, finally, in the trip itself. And, surprisingly, seven out of ten respondents say they get excited just looking for possible destinations and more than half say they feel really happy when they manage to formalize the reservation - especially when they receive confirmation.

Shawn Achor, world expert in the study of happiness, establishes a direct relationship between enjoying the reservation period and doing so during the trip. In an article published in the Harvard Business Review, he argues that a well planned trip that implies a Low stress increases up to 94% the chances of returning to work with more desire, energy and happiness.

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Planned months view

The moment in which the holidays begin to be organized - one out of every three interviewed by the reservation portal claims to do so several months in advance and a 5%, a year earlier - is actually the beginning of the trip. For this reason, one in four participants in the study confesses to take refuge in vacations - think about them - at least once a day to cheer up.

Eight out of ten enjoy and feel happier looking for maps and photos of the destination and accommodation, and much enjoy reading comments about them.

However, the analysis concludes that true happiness is experienced during the holidays. Many of the respondents live the first moment of joy when leaving the office to go on vacation and the vast majority, at the moment of seeing the accommodation for the first time, when settling in it and being able to feel at home.

True happiness is experienced during the holidays