Cuban Uber! - alternative for Cuban transport

Today we remind all of our clients that it has been running for some time, an application for all travelers, the ¡Cuban Uber! for all those tourists and not tourists who want to move in the island of Cuba. through a means of transport, being now much easier than before.


A group of young Cubans, entrepreneurs, have created the Bajanda application, presented on February 14, 2019, an alternative for Cuban transportation, fast, simple and tailored for everyone. The application is divided into two apps, one application is for travelers and the other is for drivers. This app is available both for iPhone like for phones Android.

It is based on principles similar to those of Uber, moving as you want and driving as you want, having a safe, fast and comfortable transportation. Connecting drivers and passengers using mobile data.

His slogan is:

Go to your destination with the press of a button

Such an application would be very easy for passengers, so when you need it, Bajanda will show you the Taxis near your position willing to take you to your destination, as well as the available rates. In addition, you can choose the category of car that best suits your needs and consider the ratings that other users have given to drivers.

Security is one of the main pillars of this application. While you are using it, thanks to the geolocation of your device, you can track your trajectory and share your position with friends and family. The identity of your driver and the car he uses will be registered in the system.

At the end of the trip you will easily pay in cash the final rate and evaluate your experience, thus contributing to improve the service.

Operation of Bajanda App

With Bajanda you will use your time like never before. Once the transfer is requested, you will know at all times the minutes to pass before the taxi arrives and you arrive at your destination.

If you want to review and see how simple our Cuban Uber is, then look at the following steps:

  1. Open the application, mark where you want to go and the taxi category.
  2. Bajanda uses your location to locate nearby taxis, inform the driver where to pick you up, define the trajectory and give continuity to the trip.
  3. Confirm your trip and wait for notification that the driver has come to pick you up.
  4. Enjoy your trip, pay in cash and rate your driver.

Remember to use the code RELBOLACU704 and you will get CUP$85 totally free for your first trip.

From your application you can also order taxis for family, friends and customers at any time with the assurance that Bajanda drivers are verified and registered.

If you are a taxi driver in Cuba, this is not the application you need! Download "Bajanda Taxi”And start your adventure as a driver.

Below we show you the image gallery of the beginning of the application:

For more information visit their social networks and website:

Download the application that corresponds to you:

Remember to use the code RELBOLACU704 and you will get CUP$85 totally free for your first trip.