works following a commission-based model, in which you pay a set percentage For each reservation.

Your accommodation will have to pay a commission for confirmed stays after the customer has checked out and paid. A commission will also be charged for non-refundable reservations, regardless of whether the client has stayed at your establishment or not.

In the Collaboration Agreement that you would sign with you can find more information about the commission you have to pay.

At the beginning of each month, you will be will send an invoice that includes all the reservations of the previous month and the total commission amount you must pay for those reservations. So, you just have to do one payment per month.

You will receive your monthly invoice by e-mail. You can also find it (just with the history of all your monthly payments) in the tab Administration of the extranet. 

How much commission do I pay? works with a commission model, which means you pay a fixed percentage for each reservation you receive through our platform.

The commission percentage of It varies by country. It can be from the 10% through 25%, depending on your type of accommodation or location