Rent SIM card in Cuba

Would you like to travel to Cuba? 😍 Rent a SIM card in Cuba for calls and internet?

Surely you have been interested in traveling to Cuba and have asked yourself this question: How do I connect to the Internet on the island? 🤔 My roaming in Cuba is too expensive! 😉

We have the solution 💪

Today we are so accustomed to the excessive use of technology, laptops, cell phones, tablets, Wi-Fi, among many more. In our country we find it harder to keep up with the technology, but every day we make a little more progress. The use of the Internet in Cuba is a bit difficult, but that does not imply that it is impossible.

For internet connection there are certain ways for tourists to connect:

  • In the hotels WIFI (usually the most expensive)
  • In public places connecting to the WiFi network of ETECSA (Empresa de Telecomunicaciones de Cuba SA)
  • And recently (late 2018) there is the possibility that some private houses have access to the internet.

Renta de tarjeta SIM en Cuba

Internet and mobile calls more easily

These options are not very economical, but they are solutions, new alternatives that have emerged. But since December 2018 they have inserted the internet into mobile lines, allowing Cubans to have internet from the mobile device.

To call with your mobile from Cuba, you must make sure that your phone works in the GSM 900 MHz band for national coverage, and in case you are only going to be in the cities of Havana, Varadero, Cayo Coco and Cayo Guillermo, your phone It must work in the GSM 850 MHz band. The network used is Cubacel.

You can check with your company the prices of international roaming before going on a trip and decide if it is convenient to activate it or not once you arrive in Cuba. But we assure you that the rates for mobile communication with Cuba are usually very high, therefore, we recommend turning off roaming and accessing through our services so you can be connected on the island.

For all this, we Cuba Rent Sim Card, gives you the alternative as a tourist to rent, rent a SIM card for the time you visit the island. In this way, you can talk and navigate every route you take in Cuba. You would have a temporary mobile line with a local phone number, whose call and internet rates are subject to price of ETECSA.

Great or not? Visit the island of Cuba, the largest in the Caribbean and be able to upload photos on Instagram, Facebook or any other social network, because now it is much easier.

To rent a SIM card in Cuba, you simply have to contact us.

If you would like to visit the island and you have nothing yet thought, then we help you get inspired through a 15-day guide to see in Cuba by Surfing Planet.

Renta de tarjeta SIM en Cuba

With Cuba Rent Sim Card you will not have the worry of traveling to Cuba and not having an internet connection. You can rent a SIM card without any problem, it is a simple and agile process.

We know that roaming on the Island of Cuba is usually very expensive. That's why we give you the possibility to rent a SIM card for your mobile device so you can be connected in 3G or 4G throughout the island.

For better use, universal phones are recommended.

If you want to get information about Cuba we leave you the following link: Information about Cuba

Renta tu tarjeta SIM en Cuba

If you want you can send us a message about any management process or make the reservation of the SIM card rental

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