Climb Havana

Climbing Chronicles by Mercedes Muñoz Fernandez from Rebel Youth.

The top means nothing, the wall everything ... With this we want to summarize everything that has impressed this adventuress who repeats the climb, when he was hardly going on an excursion or doing sports. 😍

Tell the story that ...

The second time it was easier. In the end the scratches, bumps, and pain in the limbs served a purpose. When he got to the top he had that feeling of freedom that defies gravity causes. But three hours before he didn't think he could get it.

Climbing seemed crazy to him. He did not play sports or used to go hiking. That afternoon, however, he was motivated to have a natural adventure in his city. Surrounded by friends, she would climb a small rocky massif in the Metropolitan Park of Havana.

This Forest reserve It extends for almost seven kilometers in the middle of the city. The park, crossed by the iconic Almendares river, emerged as the Botanical Garden. It is currently a protected area and allows Havanans to enjoy contact with nature.

Climbing showdown

The cliff that he would climb was a few meters from the mouth of the river. The water reflected the evening lights. The colors of the surrounding foliage conveyed a special state of balance, necessary for climbing up the slope. The fresh air in this green lung reinforced that idea of inner peace.

The desire to live the experience did not eliminate the nerves. He felt dizzy just looking at the rock standing above his head. Tremors, chest pain, and sweaty hands; his whole body against. Perhaps a joke could ease the tension, but not free her from the mixed feelings she was experiencing.

Escalada en Cuba, Habana Climbing in Havana, Cuba

The real adventure began

Already with the harness at the waist, the first climb began. Barely a rope supported his weight. A bowline knot and a sailor's knot secured it. Climbing shoes, specialized shoes, would give her more agility to walk on that rocky surface.

Thus began the ascent to where a kind of pulley merged with the granite at a height of more than 12 meters. As he climbed, his fear lessened. It seems that, being up, the emotion of having an unforgettable moment would not allow him to fall.

In contrast, the stone was rough. Finding an indentation to hold onto was like reading in some sort of rough braille. The holes where to place the feet were scarce. Hands were beginning to ache from scrapes and bumps. The muscles were failing. At almost eight meters, he couldn't take it any more and had to go down.

Even though it hurt «even hair'He resumed climbing. Confidently, he advanced faster the second time. He found a way to adjust to the rock, and even climbed his foot to hip level to propel himself up to the top.

Suddenly ... he slipped. He thought he would fall. Luckily it was suspended in midair. He floated among the rocks, and the adrenaline of fear excited him. It stayed that way for a few minutes, and after regaining stability continued the ascent.

When he reached the top, his silhouette dazzled against the light. Smiling, his strength was only enough to immortalize with images that moment in which he touched the highest point.

What it really is to climb in Havana

That day he was convinced that it was not necessary to leave the city to cultivate the adventurous spirit. Finding the right place was enough. And in this case, the best was one of those unknown spaces in Havana.

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