Physical privileges of diving

The bottom of the sea represents an attraction for most people and that is why more and more are launched to dive as an activity It is true that summer is usually the season in which it is most used. But in certain places on the planet like the Caribbean, you dive almost all year. Diving brings us a good amount of physical benefits We want to review.

For many people the dive It is not considered a sport, they simply see it as a hobby. It is true that he has part of hobby, but it is also essential to have a fitness to be able to resist underwater, breathe correctly and move with the load of the equipment and the resistance offered by water, which we must overcome to move without problems. Therefore it is a very complete activity that will offer us several things.

Very relaxing activity

In the first place it is a sport that will help us relieve tensions and stress. This is because water is a medium in which calm reigns. We experience a feeling of weightlessness that will relax us to the fullest, which is very beneficial when it comes to disconnecting and managing to eliminate tension. Keep us suspended in the water It is a good relaxation therapy that we will experience with diving.

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Steel lungs

Lung work is very intense, since it is necessary to perfectly control the breath, because we must perform the inspiration and expiration through the mouth. This will help us achieve a pulmonary background, considerably improving respiratory capacity and, above all, the optimization of oxygen, which will help us to practice any aerobic exercise. Therefore, this makes it one of the main physical benefits of diving.

Toning the muscles

The physical exercise that is developed is also important, since, all the diving equipment It is an extra burden with which we have to move in the water. To this we must add the resistance of the environment, which will help us achieve good muscle toning and high calorie burning during the duration of the dives.

Body control and orientation

Another physical benefit of diving is the control of the body, because we will be able to better control the movements and all the parts of the body, because it depends on that we move more slowly or faster. All parts of the body must be coordinated in displacements.

To this we must add the orientation, since at the bottom of the sea there are hardly any references, however, whenever this is done with instructors this sense is made more easily. Therefore, we must sharpen the sense of orientation, which we will keep in constant work for the duration of the dives.

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In addition to the physical benefits of diving, we leave you some suggestions and precautions that you should take into account when diving.

Never dive alone

One of the more basic safety guidelines What we must follow is never dive alone. In this way, if there is any unforeseen you will always have someone who can help you. Diving always accompanied, try to do it with some professional

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Not hold your breath

Sometimes a different idea of breathing is perceived when this world is unknown. It is common for non-divers to have a preconceived idea than those who do, thinking that they restrict breathing in a certain way. But divers know that we can breathe easily underwater.

The fundamental key to diving is not hold your breath, this action can get complicated in certain cases. Read more

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