Diving in Giron Beach

Giron Beach is a small beach on the eastern shore of the Bay of Pigs, in south central Cuba, which today is a turistic center. Located in one of the largest wetlands in the world, Cienaga de Zapata. This dive site went down in history in 1961, when it was chosen as one of the landing sites for the invasion of the Bay of Pigs. Some of the nearby spas in this bay are Maceo Beach and Long Beach.

Almost 210 kilometers separate Giron Beach from Havana, a trip that takes place in a northwest direction. Regarding another important city of Cuba, it is the capital of Massacres, where it separates it to around 150 kilometers by road. To the north it borders the forests of Cayo Ramona, to the east with those of Guasasa, to the south with the Caribbean Sea and to the west with the coast of the Bay.

The climate in that area is tropical as in the rest of the Island of Cuba. In winter, there is much less rainfall in Giron Beach than in summer. In Giron Beach, the average annual temperature is 25.1 ° C. Precipitation here averages 1016 mm. August is the warmest month of the year with an average temperature of 27.5 ° C. While in February it has the lowest average temperature of the year with 22.1 ° C, both temperatures being great for a good dive.

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Temperatura de Playa Giron


Because the water is not perfectly transparent, most of the sunlight is absorbed in the surface layer, heating up. The wind and the circulation of waves move the water in this layer, distributing it within it, making the temperature relatively even in the first few tens of meters.

Thermocline varies with latitude and season but in a tropical climate like that of the island of Cuba., it is permanent. In the open sea, it is characterized by a negative gradient of sonic velocity.

In the dive, a thermocline of a few degrees Celsius can feel like being between two bodies of water. And it gives the water an appearance of opaque glass, caused by the altered refraction of the column of cold or hot water; This same refractive can be observed when the hot air rises from the black pavement on roads in desert areas, causing mirages.

Watch the following video so you can see thermocline appreciated at Playa Giron.

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