Snorkeling in Havana

Cuba has a fantastic holiday tourism offer for underwater activities in the Caribbean for its privileged transparent waters and perfect conditions of visibility to observe the barrier reefs almost intact harboring an extensive variety of marine life. The divers from all levels of snorkeling, come to admire the marine fauna and ecosystems that include soft corals, underwater caves, wrecks, which together with the virgin beaches of the Caribbean, islands and Cuban keys make it a perfect paradise for lovers of the marine world.

Conditions for snorkeling

You can snorkel all year round in Cuba. The tropical climate and the wind provide a pleasant temperature, from around 21ºC in January to 27ºC in July. The water temperature varies from 24ºC in January to 28 to 30ºC in May.

The best time to visit Cuba is from December to April because from August to October, there are hurricane possibilities and from May to October, it is the rainy season.

For the beginners of the snorkel, there are many possibilities to do this activity in crystal clear waters from the coast.

Be careful after the rains or in case of high wind, the water can be turbid or turbulent, especially on the north side of Cuba. Attention also to the flags on the beaches! In case of a red flag, do not do it!

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Snorkeling points

The best places to do snorkeling in Cuba with Cuba Bue Diving are located in Jibacoa, Puerto Escondido, Salty Beach and Baracoa. Also, in Bay of Pigs, near Playa Girón, you can access many dive sites from the shore, and are among the most popular in Cuba, Caleta Buena, Punta Perdiz and Cueva Los peces, which are natural wonders that surprise for their beauty and state of conservation, Cuba Blue Diving recommends them if they want to have an unforgettable experience.

You can get more information about other snorkeling sites in Cuba in Snorkel and Dive.

Snorkel en Cuba
Snorkel en Cuba
Snorkel en Cuba
Snorkel en Punta Perdiz