Snorkel and Dive

There are different aquatic activities in Cuba and in the rest of the countries, all very beautiful, but in this section we will talk about snorkel and diving. Actually, it can be said that the snorkel or snorkeling, is a basic skill of recreative diving, well, you can to do snorkel without knowing how to swim well. However, for go diving or to do one dive, first you have to take a training and that requires a great preparation. The basics of snorkeling will be covered during the diving training.

Snorkel and diving are two watersports totally different with a different experience and different skills and techniques. Also, not all places that are suitable for dives are suitable for snorkeling and vice versa. Therefore, on this page, the two sports will be treated separately. Therefore, this practice is not considered as part of diving but as an independent water sport.

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Many people already snorkel during the holidays, in the sea, in a lake or simply in the pool. It is an economic sports, accessible and very easy to learn. It does not require of any special certificate. Scuba glasses and a snorkel, no other things are necessary apart from that in most places to do snorkeling and enjoy the underwater world.

If you want to snorkel for a long time or travel long distances, a pair of fins is recommended. A diving suit (or shorty) is also recommended in cold waters. That keeps the upper body warm. A lifejacket is useful for swimmers without much experience.

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To dive open the doors to a new world. Underwater world is amazing! A wonderful hobby or sport for people who want to focus on diving or for those who want to know what it is or what are the basic techniques, you can find a lot of information here.

The sport diving it is not difficult to learn, but it is a bit more complex than snorkeling. The fact is that you spend more time under water, in addition to much more depth, and for this you require other equipment or techniques. Having a correct diving equipment you can submerge up to 40 meters underwater. The use of a diving bottle and accessories is clearly a big difference with the snorkel.

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For more information about diving or snorkeling we leave you the direct link of a web siteSnorkel and Dive" very interesting for both apprentices and professionals. Also, you can know of a guide to the best places to dive in Cuba and so support you more to get excited and perform some immersion in Cuba.

Not only in Cuba, but in many destinations in the world diving is very nice and if you want licensing in the diving you can know how to do it too, or you can not want to do a scuba diving or snorkeling because you want to know that incredible world under the sea, so be sure to get in contact us .