Why dive together with us?

To dive in Cuba has many charms, many emotions, it is pure adrenaline increased to the beauty of the seabed. To explore a new and unique experience, you can have it! Cuba Blue Diving guarantees an unforgettable and beautiful dive! Join us, share, comment and tell us what you would like to do and where you would like to dive. You do not have to dive with us, just tell us about experiences and we're happy. But remember, dive in Cuba and you become happier, because the greatest happiness is Traveling and if you add Diving, well, much better!


Professional team with extensive experience made up of dive master divers with more than 4000 accumulated dives.


Team prepared for any situation, for any experience, for the greatest adrenaline you can imagine.


Team full of joy, seriousness and professionalism. Young boys able to bond friendship and work, environment full of love.

Dive in Cuba

Professional divers or not, both those who practice it from time to time or those who have never been encouraged and want to take the first steps in the dive's world, they find in Cuba a great place to unleash this exciting activity. Experience breathing under the sea, feel the silence and the change of color as you dive into the depths. Is it impressive or not? Have you ever dived?

Get exciting diving in Cuba , because amazing and magnificent places you can find in the largest of the Caribbean Antilles. Our team, Cuba Blue Diving , offers you the best services, counting professionalism, sympathy and knowledge so you can do a diving in Havana and around the western region of the country with everything special that each client deserves. You can obtain a range of diving packages selected by the center, but in addition to those, you can do a personalization contacting us .

Offers of diving packages

Select the best dive package that adapt your needs, you the freedom to choose and customize, in case you do not find something you want, you can touch us to be able to help you with more information. Click on Water Activities and you will find the link of the Diving Packages.

See and feel for yourself or tell you about it?

Sedante como la droga pero alucinante como la adrenalina ¿Aún no has buceado? Escríbenos para que puedas sentirlo 😉

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What do our customers say?

For us the opinion of our clients is very important, we listen and we value all your comments.


USA - 5*

"We had a great day diving with Anthony Saldenas! I would definitely dive with him again if I get back to Cuba "



Cuba - 5*

"Los instructores cuentan con gran experiencia en su trabajo...lo recomiendo 💯%...muy buenas personas además...👌👌"



Canada - 5*

"Tony took my son and I on three dives. Tony is very knowledgeable and safety conscious. We used their equipment which was in great shape and well maintained."



USA - 5*

After our first scheduled dive, which was an amazing location with a shipwreck, my husband ate something that gave him allergic reaction and Tony and his cab driver were great in helping get my husband to a hospital for some medicine. He was able to translate for us when needed because his English was wonderful and our Spanish was not so good.



Switzerland - 5*

"Excelente servicio. Ha sido mi orimera experiencia. Maravillosa. Antony fue super didáctico conmigo. Estuvo pendiente de mí en todo momento, y los lugares donde estuvimos fueron muy bonitos. Lo recomiendo."

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Bucear entre helicópteros y tanques

Jordania se suma a la tendencia de usar transportes en desuso para promover el turismo submarino, y de paso, ayudar a regenerar la biodiversidad oceánica. En el Mar Rojo han hundido 19 vehículos militares y tanques para promover la llegada de buceadores.

Dive in Cuba

Diving in Cuba is done in an unforgettable way, combining the warmth of the Cuban people with its warm ocean that surrounds the archipelago. There are different reefs few explored and undisturbed around the island, providing a unique experience.

Beneficios físicos del buceo

El buceo nos aporta un buena cantidad de beneficios físicos que queremos repasar. Para muchas personas el buceo no es considerado un deporte, simplemente lo ven como un hobby. Es cierto que tiene parte de afición, pero también es fundamental tener una buena forma física para poder resistir debajo del agua.

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We are a team of people passionate about diving, whose goal is to get people from our country and the rest of the world to know our marine beauty. Our Dive Center in Havana, is available for all those who want to learn or already have previous experience with diving. A dive in Cuba can change you a lot, do not let them tell you how awesome it is!

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