Diving near Havana

El Salado Beach

There are different places for diving in Havana and surroundings, but today we tell you a special place. But before showing you some beautiful images of the El Salado Beach, we tell you a little about this beach. You must know why its name is due and you will see with your own eyes how amazing it is to dive there.
Ah! What have you not dived on this beach! Do not worry that you we will indicate how to do it.
This beach owes its name due to the levels of salt concentrations in its waters, which is probably higher than other beaches in Cuba, due to the natural conditions of the area's coast.
Located west of the city of Havana, in an area called Baracoa, is a small and very popular beach among local residents during the summer.
Buceo en Playa el Salado
Playa el Salado junto a Cuba Blue Diving

Buceo en Playa Salado / Dive in Playa Salado

Diving in Playa Salado

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