Free diving or apnea?

Apnea or free diving, no matter what you want to call it, is really nothing more than voluntary retention of breathing while we are underwater.

Many divers prefer this diving mode due to the extraordinary freedom of movement she offers. Also, this discipline allows the diver's integration into the environment in a more natural way, without the release of noisy bubbles that scare the marine fauna.

Already in 2016 the doors to the championship edition were opened International Open Apnea Jump Blue 2016 in Cuban lands. Water temperatures around 26 ºC, a horizontal visibility of about 30 meters. The mild currents and tides make Cuba an ideal setting for this championship.

Usually, regular snorkel practitioners venture occasionally a few meters below the surface; with which they are entering apnea practice.

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Cuba has a fantastic holiday tourist offer for underwater activities. The Caribbean seas are privileged for their transparency and perfect visibility conditions. In these beautiful waters you can see the barriers of reefs almost intact housing a wide variety of marine life.

equipo de apnea