Diving in Giron Beach

What the camera tells us!

Where is it located?

Before diving in Playa Girón, we must first know your situation and that's why we tell you a bit. This beautiful beach is located in the south central region of Cuba, on the eastern coast of the Bay of Pigs, in the Cienaga de Zapata, one of the most important wetlands in the world. Some of the nearby spas in this bay are Playa Maceo and Playa Larga.  

Almost 210km separates Playa Girón from Havana, a trip that takes place in the northwest direction. As for another important city in Cuba, Matanzas, which separates about 150 kilometers by road. To the north it borders the forests of Cayo Ramona, to the east with those of Guasasa, to the south with the Carbie Sea, and to the west with the coast of the bay.

Tourist destination

But do not get tired of the trip, which in the end are not so many kilometers to the beauty that our camera tells us.

This spa is currently an important tourist destination. In fact, the beauty of its beaches is an ideal setting for the practice of water activities diving in Cuba, including snorkeling and  diving also very Good options for fishermen. Anyway, Giron Beach, it is evident the mixture that we find: natural beauty and I live beats of history in every corner.
That is why the camera does not want to leave you alone in this impressive unknown world, do not let anyone else show you your photos, bring your camera and get it yourself.
If you would like to know a little more about diving in Playa Girón or in any destination in Cuba, do not hesitate to get in contact us.
We also leave you a link so you can get to know a little more about Playa Girón, a group that is dedicated to tourism in Cuba, Cuba Group Tour.